Monday, Wednesday, Friday is the live trivia game show where you test your knowledge to win huge cash prizes. It’s free. Just download the app to play!


How To Play


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


  • Free to play quiz show for all viewers.
  • 12 General Knowledge multiple choice questions.
  • Just 10 seconds to answer.
  • The whole nation can play and take part.
  • Increasing Jackpot.
  • One or multiple winners.


Players could practice the game at any time. It will help you familiar with the real game and play the practice also let you win the prize.

Extra life

You could get the extra life to come back the game if you invite your friend to with you.


Download is the fun live trivia game show where you can earn cash just for playing
and a grand prize if you answer all the questions correctly.
Come and join with us!



01. Where could we get the app?
Download the Panya app from the Appstore or Google Playstore.
02. When will the game happen?
Join the game live. Twice daily at 12.30PM and 9.00PM. You will not be able to answer questions. After the game started.
03. How much does it cost to play?
Apply for free now.
04. Who will be the winner?
The answer to the correct 12 questions to receive money.
05. How to play?
The MC will ask 12 questions, each question will have 3 possible answers.
06. How much for the prizes?
The amount of prizes in each game will vary from time to time.
07. How long does it take to answer each question?
You have 10 seconds to answer each question.
08. What will happen if the game have more than one winner?
The prize money will be distributed to each winner in equal amounts.
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